Commissioned Sculpture


This piece was a commissioned installation for a location in South Beach, Miami. Using individual steel rods, I was able to create a composition of work that complemented the entry way for an office space. Discovering the technique for connecting these pieces was a true challenge and enjoyable venture. My aim was to create something that conceptualized unity, teamwork and bonding. As I pressed on with the project, I found the steel sculpture to take on a life of its own. The stainless polish finish helps produce a quality of peace and tranquility for the surrounding environment.



Imaging what kind of work can fulfill a space can be a very daunting process. It can be difficult to conceptualize what the feel and look of the work should take on. Realizing how a body of work can fit with the environment is never easy, but a worthy endeavor all the same.

To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there’s no such thing as perfect.
— Alexander Calder

I found myself

with so much open space!

I quickly realized I would be needing mock ups and design concepts to help visualize this masterpiece!

After deciding on a layout, it was time to begin producing these individual rods.

They were first sectioned out and cut into pieces. Then cut at an angle and sealed with a cap. Lastly, they were welded and polished to a finish that I particularly enjoy.

The rods were then joined together with a pin rod that secured the intersecting points and welded into place. (and of course polished! but not shown) And just like that I had my first section completed!

The remaining process was largely the same; measuring twice — cutting once, welding and polishing, more welding… more polishing. In the matter of a few short weeks, over 50 individual pieces came together to form a full body of work. I particularly enjoyed the process of moving through singular components to a larger scale concept. If you have any questions about the work feel free to reach out, thanks for the read!

— Gary Tracyzk